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The AspNetSpell component provides an international spellcheck for your ASP.Net web forms
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26 March 2009

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Spell check component for programs.

ASPNetSpell is a popular spell checking component for Microsoft ASP.Net based product development. This makes it possible to drag and drop a spelling check button into your Web Applications forms or MVC views easily and precisely. ASPNetSpell will make it possible for you to offer international spellchecking for any number of fields. It will be possible to replace any TextBox with a SpellTextBox with as-you-type suggestions in all major browsers. Integrating the component into your applications is simple and can be accomplished in minutes after you have downloaded the component for your use. Integration is possible with VB language modules. These include Visual Studio .Net 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 & 2014. This is compatible with most major web HTML editors. The component helps get spell checking done quite fast. It will be able to let your application check spellings at some 20,000 words a second.

Auto-complete suggestions are provided. The applications developed could be easily tailored for mobile devices. This tool is compatible with ASP.Net Ajax based development work. You can set up data binds quite easily with Repeaters, Formviews & Grids. Comprehensive documentations helps developers integrate the components very easily. Once integrated the spell check of your application will behave very much like the familiar Microsoft Word’s spell-checker. Your end users will be quite comfortable with your product. This tool enables developers to offer “Word” like features of Grammar Checking and Personal Dictionaries. This tool is compatible with ASP.Net 1 and 2 (C# / VB.Net / J# / C++ .Net) in addition. The code delivered with the download is W3C HTML and XHTML compliant. This is a very good product.

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The AspNetSpell component provides international spell checking for your ASP.Net web forms. It can be installed and integrated into most applications in a few minutes.
AspNetSpell behaves very similarly to MS Word's own spellchecker, making this software familiar to users. The software includes familiar features such as Grammar Checking and Personal Dictionaries.
AspNetSpell is compatible with ASP.Net 1 and 2 (C# / VB.Net / J# / C++ .Net). The code it delivers is W3C HTML and XHTML compliant, and has a good degree of accessibility.
International Language Support
AspNetSpell has excellent international language support. In addition, you can setup custom dictionaries from text files. The primary languages supported are:
English (Australia)
English (Canada)
English (International)
English (UK)
English (USA)
Quickstart Guide
Quickstart Guide
Once you have downloaded and unzipped AspNetSpell to a convenient location on your hard disk, you have 2 primary sets of files:
1. AspNetSpell.dll
Add this to your Visual Studio toolbox. For full instructions, refer to the installation reference
2. A Directory of files labeled AspNetSpell
Copy and paste this to the root folder of your website project. You do not need to add this to the application in Visual Studio.

Using AspNetSpell for the First Time
Drag the AspNetSpell control from the toolbox onto your ASPX web form in design mode.
You will see that it renders as a spell check button (if not read this).
To select the field(s) that AspNetSpell will spell check, change the FieldsToSpellCheck property.
FieldsToSpellCheck is very diverse in that you can enter a Design time or Run Time id for any object in the webpage - and it can be spellchecked. In Visual Studio 2005, it will automatically give you a list of IDs to choose from.
ASPNet Spell
ASPNet Spell
Version 2.42
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